Ken's Resume


            Highly analytical, inventive, problem solver, troubleshooter.


Summary: Vast experience in designing, building and troubleshooting electro-mechanical systems.  Skilled in theory, mathematics, managing projects, manual and CNC programming and as a machinist, fiberglass molds and moldings, electronics, computer including SolidWorks and Visual Basic, radio, telecommunications, acoustics, sound reinforcement, and noise control. 


Mechanical Design & Engineering: Trained at Henry Ford Trade School in tool and die.  Designed and built test bed and 1/4 scale model compressed air driven rotor for rotary-wing aircraft.  Responsible for all testing and analysis.  Designed a mechanical solution for 30kv high-voltage, oil filled rectifier assemblies.  Designed and built two wheeled vehicle with infinitely variable automatic, hydraulic transmission.  Responsible for the design and building of other such diverse devices as swing-arm davits for boats, telescoping truck mounted LF antenna, yokes for mounting two drivers to University horns, and a trunk valet.  Now using my experience in oil field tool design.

Electro-mechanical Design & Engineering: Built prototype electro-mechanical switchgear for pneumatic tube systems.  Designed and built reciprocating, electromagnetic energy machine.  Diagnosed and repaired fossil fuel driven generators from 3kw to 250kw including those aboard ships and yachts, and in hospitals.  Repair of precision tools.  Designed and built an electronic tattle tale for the oil drilling tool industry.  It is now patented.

Electronic Design & Engineering: Telecommunication technician maintaining VHF, microwave and carrier equipment up to 50kw output.  Later promoted to communications and electronic engineer at RCA Alascom.  Conducted field studies to determine rates of component failures, devised methods to improve mean time before failures and initiated remedial action via ECNs.  Project engineer for designing and building the first telecommunications system including all path loss studies for the oil industry on Alaska's North Slope.  Analyzed commercial, industrial and institutional electronic communications needs and designed, built and installed fire alarm, MATV, speech privacy, security, public address, intercom and sound reinforcement systems.  Much of this required measuring and evaluating acoustic environments for noise level, reverberation time, and sound transmission qualities.  Repaired aircraft radio and navigational equipment. 

Management & Administration: Owner, manager of small businesses with up to 18 staff members.  Delegated, motivated, trained, set sales goals, budgeted, wrote proposals, and supervised sales and marketing.  Executive vice president of Atlantic Air International, an airline, now defunct, with headquarters in the Dominican Republic.  Managed to completion numerous prototype projects for Hybrid Technology including 15,000-psi high-pressure test rig, digital forklift weight scale, linear high pressure valve, champagne bottle opener, many jigs and fixtures, and development of a parts/inventory administration program.  Past Chairman & CEO of Advanced Aerospace Technologies, a new high tech company oriented toward VTOL aircraft technology. 

Computer Skills:  Primary computer work during the last four years has been with SolidWorks in the design and engineering of oilfield tools relative to cementing operations during drilling.  Extensive work in MS Excel (including Solver), and Word.  Considerable experience in MS Publisher, MS Visio, MS Project, Parts & Vendors,  Mathcad, ThoughtOffice, Adobe Photoshop Elements, and Website development using DotNetNuke.


Doctor of Healthiatry.  Twice Honor Graduate, with one being a record score, at US Signal School Europe.  Honor Graduate of White Alice Telecom course with highest recorded score in history of the school.  Flight Scholarship from Exchange Club of Michigan.  Scholarship to Henry Ford Community College.  Selected as one of five Civil Air Patrol Cadets to represent the U.S. in Switzerland during a 3-week tour.  We met with President Eisenhower  and their President, and other foreign dignitaries.  Hold dozens of certificates of completion of technical courses.  Received highest score of class in Engineering Review course for State Engineer's Exam from University of Alaska.  Hold two patents on aircraft: one is for a VTOL aircraft capable of 370 mph; the other is a propulsion system for tiltrotor aircraft such as the V-22 Osprey.  A third patent was issued late in 2014 for a new indicating device relative to oilfield cementing operations.